Price List

I undertake repairs to all string instruments and and can provide estimates and definite quotes for any work required.
To give an idea of the range of work I undertake jobs over the years have included:
Violin repair and set up
Cello repair and set up
Bow repair
Double bass repair and set up
Acoustic guitar repair and set up
Electric guitar reapir and set up
Bass guitar repair and set up

The prices listed below are given as a guide and are intended only to give an idea of likely costs

For major repair restoration It is hard to give definite prices for work until an assesment of the instrument has been made. This is especially true of larger instruments (eg basses). Basically, the longer a job takes the more it will cost.
To give an example a recent job was to refit a detached neck to a bass. In theory this could have been a simple question of regluing, but in reality the job entailed repair to the block, adjusting the angle of the neck (it was skewed towards the treble side), making a new button/patch, fitting a new nut (the string spacing was far too wide) and new bridge. (See photos in recent work page.)
In order to give some idea, I have included some invoices from recent jobs below.

October 2012
Repairs to 1930s German 3/4 double bass with smashed belly and smashed pegbox:

• Repairs to front including closing cracks, inlaying patches, re-inforcing cleats and inlaid cleats.
• Replace bass bar
• New edging/half edging as necessary
• Repair to cracked ribs
• Remove fingerboard, re-plane neck and fingerboard and re-fit.
• Shoot fingerboard
• Fit new nut
• Repair pegbox including re-inforcing dowels
• Replace missing wood from scroll
• Re shape bridge
• Re-varnish as required
• Adjust and set up for playing
• Clean instrument
• Supply and fit Evah Pirazzi strings

Total 2343

November 2011
Repairs and improvements to English bass c.1840

• Fit new bass bar
• Removal, replacement and resizing of internal repair work
• Thin internal doubling (old repairs) to ribs
• Re-glue back centre seam lining
• Reprofile internal brace
• Refinish fingerboard
• Fit new bridge with brass adjusters
• Fit new soundpost
• Fit leather washers to tuners
• Clean and touch up varnish as necessary

Total 1005

April 2010
Repairs to 'cello with broken neck:

• Reglue loose neck joint
• Glue up and reinforce (with carbon fibre) broken neck
• Reglue fingerboard and nut
• Refinish neck
• Shoot and refinish fingerboard
• Glue up open seams
• Straighten bridge
• Adjust and set up for playing

Total 380

May 2008
Repairs to water damaged violin and valuation

• Remove belly and reshape where distortion has occurred
• Fit new bass bar
• Reshape ribs
• Re glue bottom block
• Revarnish as necessary
• Shoot fingerboard
• Fit new bridge
• Fit new nut and saddle
• Fit new endpin and endwire 
• Fit matching pegs and endpiece
• Fit new strings (Tomastik Dominant)
• Fit new soundpost and set up for playing
• Supply new lightweight oblong hard case

Total 575