Bass related links:
Mittenwald violin making museum.
All sorts of stuff!
    A classically orientated site with details of competitions, music etc. (Doesn't look like it's been updated for about 15 years.....)
    Bob Gollihur's site -lots of info on all aspects of double bass. Great links page and also a shop.
    More diverse 'stuff' including wise words from London jazz bassist Larry Bartley.
    Luthier Stefan Johann Krattenmacher's site with some interesting articles about famous makers.
    Bassist Herve Jeanne's site featuring an interesting audio comparison of different strings.

musical chairs
    Double bass jobs -mainly orchestral positions.
    String manufacturer. If you're tempted to try gut Lenzner produce a very reasonably priced set!
    More interesting stuff, this time from Jonas Lohse. Check out his gear guide for what must be the most comprehensive list of bass pickups ever!
    Jerry Fullers resource pages.
Bass forum -mainly bass guitar but there are also a sections for double bass and EUB

2015 Jeff Clyne Bass Day
    One day festival held in May to celebrate all things bass.

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Merton College