My first close up experience with a musical instrument was when I started playing classical guitar at the age of 7 and since then my life has been dominated by music and the instruments that I play. Over the years my interest in instrument design and construction grew until eventually I decided it was time to take this interest a little more seriously and I enrolled on the violin making and repair course at Merton College under the tutelage of Keith Graves.
Following three years of successful study at Merton I continued my own studies and gained experience working on a variety of different string instruments. Starting off working on repairing instruments of the violin family I have gradually widened my experience and have attended further courses covering guitar/bass guitar set up and electrics. I have also designed and built a number of instruments both for myself and as commissions.

I undertake work on all string instruments and I love them all! Each different instrument brings its own challenges, whether repairing, setting up or designing and building new models.
Whilst respecting the tradition and the centuries of accumulated knowledge that has bred that tradition I always try to question the methods and ideas to see if a more logical and elegant solution can be found to any situation. This is especially important in the design and building of new instruments. Many of the great makers throughout history earned their accolades not only by great craftmanship but also by innovation and intelligent development; even if only within the sometimes rigid boundaries set by tradition, physical form and function.

As a professional musician I can understand the needs of fellow performers and I really know the difference that a responsive, well adjusted instrument can make to your performance, both on a technical and a musical level.

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