MODEL L (four string fretted)

temporary photos..... there will be some better ones along soon!

  slap-o-matic        body         back        machine head

bg6           fretboard           inlay            full back

I have now designed and produced my first bass guitar -the Model L. It is an entirely hand built instrument. The design evolved over some time and features the finest materials expertly combined to give an instrument with not only a beautiful sound but also classic good looks and a marvellous playability, balance and feel.

The bass features a through neck made from five laminations of flamed maple and padauk. The body wings are ash and the body facing and peghead are a luxourisly thick and very attractive imbuya. The pickups are encased in maple and padauk and the fretboard is rosewood.
The machine heads are high quality units and the bridge (which features through the body stringing) is four individually mounted heavy duty units with precise height and length adjustment.
The scale length is a standard 34"  and the 24 fret fingerboard features a compound radius and beautiful acrylic inlays.
Amplification is provided by two custom finished humbuckers with an active preamp featuring balance, bass and treble controls, and volume. The pickups are carefully positioned to provide a range of tones -the 'bridge' pickup is in what I think of as the 'Musicman' position giving a clean and well defined punchy sound (without the nasal or thin properties that can prevail if it is located too far south) and the neck pickup gives a fatter, heavier sound leaning more towards a 60's Gibson sound.
The Model L balances perfectly whether using a strap or resting on the leg and has a reassuringly weighty feel without being overly heavy.

The bass is finished with a natural hand rubbed oil finish which enhances the beauty and quality of the wood.

If you are interested in trying or buying this or a similar bass, drop me a line.