Archtop Guitar

17 inch 'big swing' model

  main        main2         back        machine head

soundhole1           fretboard           inlay            tailpiece

       frontside1               frontside 2                backside1           bridge

This is my first foray into the world of the archtop guitar but one I have been planning for some time. As an occasional guitarist I have long hankered after a top quality hand made archtop and the only way I could justify owning one was to build it myself

As you can see the results are rather splendid and it is an instrument that I am very proud of

It is made in the tradition of the great American luthiers (D'Aquisto, D'Angelico, Benedetto &co) but tempered with a violin makers ethos.

This is a large bodied instrument as I wanted something that would work well acoustically. It features a 17 inch body (width measured at the widest part) and a generous rib depth of 3 & 1/2 inches. The neck is of five peice laminate constuction for ultimate stability, aided by an adjustable truss rod. The thick rosewood fingerboard is topped by 21 frets and the body cutaway makes access to the higher positions easy.

All the features of the guitar are designed to be both sonically beneficial and aesthetically pleasing; i
t is made from carefully selected tone woods and features both a high quality alpine spruce belly and beautifully flamed balkan maple back, sides and neck.

Where metal parts are often seen on archtops (in the bridge and the tailpiece) I have crafted wooden replacements to enhance the tonal integrity of the instrument.

The instrument is finished a high quality violin oil varnish which is applied in many layers (over several weeks) to provide a tough yet flexible covering that will enhance the tone and age gracefully. The finish on this guitar is a hand graduated sunburst. In keeping with the ethos of quality and simplicity this instrument features no binding.

It is avaiable both as the purely 'acoustic' version (with ot without pickguard) and also with a floating pickup and discreet volume and tone controls mounted on the pickguard.

I will be building these guitars to order so please contact me if you are interested.

Prices start from 2599.